Improving Safety — Short Term Actions

Help achieve the safety goalSafer, Calmer Traffic:   (New)  There are some low cost, simple, immediate actions that could significantly improve safety and provide a much calmer traffic flow.  Should we install those improvements now?  Long term solutions are also in progress, but are probably years out.

You can participate in this discussion and add your own ideas and concerns.  Join the discussion.   Information and Discussion Here.

Specific Short term – low hanging fruit:

There are several safety improvements that can happen now.  Some would argue that these should have happened many years – decades – ago.

  • Defined SB Santa Cruz lane – Shoulder striping 
  • Reduced Speed on Alameda in Business Section (speed currently is increased there)
  • SB Bike lane for Santa Cruz between Avy Ave and the Alameda “Y” intersection
  • Repair unmaintained sidewalk at “Y” intersection
  • Repair unmaintained sidewalk on NE side of Alameda between Sharon Rd & “Y” intersection
  • Reduce lane width on Santa Cruz from Sand Hill to Avy Ave (to address speeding)
  • Fix traffic timing and visibility issues at “Y” and Sharon Rd intersections
  • Add shoulder striping and remove the ‘temporary’ bollards at the “Y”
  • Add Advance Stop (aka Sharktooth) line at southern crosswalk at Y to provide visibility/safety
  • Add signage on NB Santa Cruz near Sand Hill to advise of Alameda/Santa Cruz lanes
  • Add pedestrian crossing bollard on Southern crosswalk at Y (Pedestrian Awareness – safety)
  • Lengthen Advance Stop distance on SB Santa Cruz at Palo Alto Way to address visibility danger


 West Menlo Community Safety Initative

Participate in neighborhoodOur  community Safety Initiative has its own Safety Page on this website.  You can also download the Santa Cruz/Alameda Safety Study report pdf.   Please check out the information on the many safety issues of this cooridor and add your ideas, suggestions, and comments. Use the Participate icon (or click here) to indicate your interests and participation level.

Use the SAFE link to stay informed and up-to-date on safety in our neighborhood.  After  important Community/County safety meetings, there is unified agreement that speed, crosswalks, sidewalks, and traffic were issues need immediate improvements.   Traffic calming on that short Alameda section between the Y at Santa Cruz and Avy Ave is also a key safety topic.  All these issues are fully documentented in the SAFE Santa Cruz/Almeda Safety Issues report.  


Restoring Oak Knoll Play Ground Access

A new School Gate page has been added to the website as a result of a request to voice opinions on the topic of  Access to Oak Knoll school grounds.  The new section contains information, comments, discussion and reference material.  



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