Ways To Help

What a fantastic neighborhood and all due to neighbors willing to socialize, talk, and do fun stuff together.    From Easter and Halloween events to Friday Frolics and 4th of July gatherings, we have all created a great tradition for the neighborhood.   

Many have asked how one can help, here are some ways:

  • volunteering to help is one way – just email UnivPark@UnivPark.org
    – or – If for Halloween, use the Halloween Volunteer/Help webpage
  • purchase a strawbale (great decoration for the holidays – good for garden afterwords)
  • make a donation:  Use the button below or the donate jar at neighborhood events, or send your donation to Cindy Tipton at 305 Stanford Ave.

Donate by credit card.  Its not tax deductable but it does help fund neighborhood. events and cover the costs of the many things we all do here.  Cindy Tipton has been managing the fund.   GeoRecover (RonSnow) is helping with the UnivPark donate button so you will see both names on the secure donate form.

Money collected at events are used to cover the cost of that event, future events, street closures, website hosting, signage, and supplies and goodies.

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