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Vine St Reconstruction and Widening Project

Considerations When Answering Survey:

One of the outcomes of the widening of Vine St, as county is proposing,  is that parking in front of homes is only allowedbetween the new gutter and the property.  You are not allowed to park in the gutter.   This creates a visual dynamic that makes the roadway look much wider than residential lane widths of 9’.  Lane widths on Hwy 101 for example. are typically 11’ or 12’,  what is being proposed is a roadway with gutters that appears to make Vine St. have those same freeway widths or even more — 14’ widths.  That is just a visual feel of course, but it is a real perception.  
Many neighbors do not wish to have the high speed drivers in our neighborhood - it is a serious problem for safety and for peace of mind.  Yet, to create a roadway that appears to be as much as 56% wider is not going to slow people down - it is going to incur much faster traffic speeds.  
Plus, if any of the options 2 through 4 are selected, especially options 2 and 3, much of our rural landscaping and ambience will be taken away to be replaced by paved gutters. Add to this that parking will have to be on the property side of that gutter, the roadway will appear to be wide open.   Much wider than the visual widths of Leland and Stanford (those sections that have curbs - north of Palo Alto Way).   The reason is Stanford and Leland allow parking next to the curb and thus reduce the travel lane width.  This would not occur with Vine as parking would not narrow the road and the gutters would visually widen the road even more.
Updated March 2023:    Vine Street property owners have elected to not widen Vine Street.  This preserves the lower traffic speed for the street and preserves the natural and rural ambience of the neighborhood.  
What was in question was if Vine Street then would be added to the Pavement Preservation Project.  In January and February, many neighbors sent emails requesting that the street be included.  County listened and the latest Pavement Preservation project update shows that Vine St. is now included in the project.  SUCCESS!
For reference, Vine is currently a rural style road with a varying width of about 18’.  
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Updated: Mar 9, 2023