The Walking Trees

By Chloe Scott

In Chloe Scott’s extraordinary post-war memoir, a beautiful young refugee from war-torn England and her American naturalist husband–both barely past their teens–accept an assignment from the Audubon Society to spend a year on a rickety boat guarding hundreds of thousands of birds in the Everglades. The Walking Trees is a true-life tale of romance and adventure set amidst the unspoiled splendor–and dangers–of life in backwoods Florida, protecting wildlife that some sketchy characters do not want protected during a period of American wilderness protection nearly a quarter-century before Earth Day.

Chloe Keighly-Peach Scott, a native of England, was sent to America at the age of fifteen on a boat early in World War II to escape the dangers of bombs and a feared invasion. She married naturalist Peter Scott when they were both nineteen, and three years later they took up residence alone together on the Audubon, a boat provided by the National Audubon Society commissioned to protect birds and other wildlife in Florida’s Everglades, an adventure related in The Walking Trees.

In the late 1950s she moved to our University Park neighborhood with her young daughter and has since pursued careers as a choreographer, dance teacher, Feldenkrais movement therapist, and the founder of the Dymaxion Moving Company dance troupe in the San Francisco Bay Area. There is more on Chloe on this website — page links will be added soon.

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The Walking Trees, a memoir by Chloe Scott
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