What are the problems on Southern SCA?

Southern SCA Segment

The Southern Santa Cruz Ave segment of the corridor is mainly residental, and handles the full traffic volume for the corridor;  that is, it handles all of the Alameda traffic AND all of the Santa Cruz traffic to/from Menlo Park.

Several safety issues are documented for this segment:

  • Speeding is still a major problem
  • Residents at high risk due to lack of shoulder line
  • Freeway width traffic lanes 
  • Poorly maintained westside sidewalks
  • No bike lanes  
  • Crosswalk at Palo Alto Way – sill no safety actions
  • Sidewalk on west side along SCA at Sand Hill Rd
  • Traffic light cycle too long at Sand Hill Rd
  • Sidewalks are not ADA compliant

The community documented safety issues on this section of the corridor, please review the Safe webpage for links and short term actions that could greatly improve safety now.

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