Shady Lane – Fine Gifts from Local Artisans

Alice and her husband founded Shady Lane 45 years ago to showcase their own artisan creations and they now help promote a group of local artisans, all women, who help out in the store and showcase the wonderful creations at Shady Lane. Shady Lane sells mostly hand created gift items but also purchase designs from local and international artisans.  

For many of us in the community, Shady Lane has been an important resource for decades.  Newer residents have discovered its fine collection of unique gifts, beautiful artistic creations, and wonderful friendly service.  An important member of our local business  community.


Shady Lane

Sharon Heights
325 Sharon Park Drive

Menlo Park, CA 94025, US
+1 650-321-1099

Shady Lane has had to close their storefront, but are available for store pickup, just contact them via their phone or email.

Shady Lane is also just starting online orders.  Please check out their online items here.  

Through our support of local business during this pandemic, we are hoping to show our support for these wonderful stores and businesses.

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