Safety Petition Results – Safer Santa Cruz Ave

 The northbound Santa Cruz Ave roadway in West Menlo Park where Alameda de las Pulgas begins and Santa Cruz veers right (the intersection known as the Y) poses several critical safety issues.  In August 2017, members of our local community provided San Mateo County a Safety Issues Report that documented these problems and recommended possible solutions.   Many in the community have been waiting for nearly a year for action to address the issues, including the chaotic traffic at this location.  County is also committed to addressing the issues at this location.

 In support of County Department of Public Works, several residents decided to definitively show the community support for this proposal by having a petition to implement the solution. By showing this demonstration of support, we provide County DPW with the confidence and backing to get approval for implementing this important and needed solution: 

  1. Remove the added 3rd lane just before the intersection, thus reducing the chaotic lane changes forced there. 
  2. Change traffic light to behave normally where all northbound Santa Cruz traffic stops on red, thus removing the problematic ‘always green’ light pattern.
  3. Paint right lane definition striping so that the right lane is properly defined.

The stated goal is to have a trial of this solution in place before the start of school. 

 The petition involved over 200 community members of the Santa Cruz/Alameda traffic corridor and was primarily a door-to-door campaign by several residents. In the last 3 days of the petition, an online means of signing was enabled.  Based on the door-to-door figures, where we tracked feedback, the petition gained a 97% support rate.

 The community support for this proposal is phenomenal.   The shear number of supporters itself is impressive and double the number of community members that attended the overflow event of the August 28th, 2017 County-Community Safety meeting at Oak Knoll school.

 The implementation of this solution is a major step in changing the road way features so that traffic is calmer and a change that helps to reduce speeding by motorists.  A step in the right direction.

 Common feedback expressed much appreciation for the effort.  Many expressed why it was taking so long to get safety improvements and thankful that something was now getting done. 

 Moreover, several residents identified additional areas of concern where they identified safety issues and offered their suggestions for addressing them.   These will be added to the Safety Issues Report in the near future.

 Comments from the safety petition:


 I live in the house where the driveway is in the middle of that intersection and I frequently hear cars honking at each other because one car is trying to make a last minute lane change into the turn lane to continue north on Santa Cruz Ave.  It becomes very chaotic and dangerous. It’s also dangerous to pull out of our driveway. Please please make this suggested change to make this intersection safer.

This is a needed change

This intersection is a mess. Try getting through there with a wheelchair! Ha!

I am not sure I cqn adequately visualize these suggestions but they sound like an improvement. It sure is not safe now!

Continue the 25 mile speed limit on Santa Cruz. 

I also request consideration for the southbound three lane configuration. An elimination of the right turn lane perhaps and a red light camera for those running a red light are two possible options. This is an extremely dangerous intersection.

Please help!

I have witnessed MANY near accidents at this “Y”.


This is an excellent plan.  I hope we try it.

In addition, lowering the speed limit to 25 mph on Santa Cruz Avenue, after the stoplight. This continuation of the lower speed limit will increase safety for residents beyond the Y.

Great Idea!!


LOWER SPEED LIMIT on NB Santa Cruz to 25 to create a uniform safety corridor – currently traffic is allowed to SPPED UP right where roadway narrows to only ONE lane per direction which has led to numerous accidents!

My children and I are forced to risk our lives daily to cross this intersection as pedestrians. Cars often continue down Santa Cruz on the red against clearly marked signs. Cars often drive through the crosswalk and stop so that I have to push my stroller into traffic to get around them. The sidewalk on the Alameda side is non existent or no more than a foot wide in some places forcing strollers and wheelchairs to enter the road.

Do it!

Need changes to light on Avy and Alameda de las Pulgas also. Very dangerous for pedestrians. Can’t turn left from Avy to ADLP. 

Bike lanes please

Very important!

Speed mitigation and safety for pedestrians and cyclists are desperately needed in this corridor. I’ve witnessed and have been subjected to many red light runners, last minute lane changes and confused motorists in this intersection since my home is in the middle of it. I do not want to witness a death before anything is done.

Thank you!

Thanks to all who have contributed to the development of these solutions.

There have been so many good proposals put forward to address this issue without any discernible progress being made by the county.   This proposal would appear to be one of the cheapest and fastest to implement and it would also appear to be relatively easy to apply the proposed changes on a temporary basis so that if it does not work out as planned, it could just as quickly and easily be reversed.  At least it would be possible to gauge the relative effectiveness of this approach without much risk and, if it works, could just as easily be made permanent.

This group has done a superlative job outing the problems and giving you simple, doable solutions.

Trial Only

We must do what is necessary to allow for the traffic flow to be safer & less complex. Thank you!

We need bike lanes, too, all the way up Santa Cruz / Avy to Monte Rosa.

Thank you to those who are working on solving this problem.  







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