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Southern Santa Cruz Ave Segment - Safety

About this Southern Santa Cruz Information Section

Between Sand Hill Rd and the "Y" intersection is this segment of Santa Cruz.  It has many serious issues including unsafe crosswalks, sidewalks poorly maintained, crosswalks in dire need of safety, and all would benefit from traffic calming measures, including greenery and narrower lanes.  The content here changes and grows, based on comments and new information resoures -- It is a Work In Progress.

It is an area where more links, information, ideas, concerns, and discussions in general will be added to.  There is a FAQ section to start to answer questions:  If you have a question that is not listed or a concern/idea not included, please leave a "Comment" in the associated FAQ page, or send an email to  


Southern Segment of Santa Cruz Ave in the Safety Corridor

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Pros & Cons -S. SCA Lane Change

Santa Cruz Ave - before vs after

There is a major need to calm traffic and provide a design where traffic naturally flows at the speed limit, while adding safe buffered bike lanes to improve safety for both residents and cyclists.  Are there Pros vs Cons?  Explore the conversation on this Southern Santa Cruz segment - Pros vs Cons