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Northern Santa Cruz Ave Segment - Safety

About this Northern Santa Cruz Information Section

The objective of this information on the northern Santa Cruz Ave corridor segment, between the "Y" and Ave Ave, is to provide a resource of knowledge and a place to promote community discussion.    The content here changes and grows, based on comments and new information resoures -- It is a Work In Progress.

It is an area where more links, information, ideas, concerns, and discussions in general will be added to.  There is a FAQ section to start to answer questions:  If you have a question that is not listed or a concern/idea not included, please leave a "Comment" in the FAQ, or send an email to  

This is an especially important section for our community, our fellow neighbors to be engaged.  County has decided to exclude this segment of the corridor, 1/3 of the corridor, from any safety planning or improvements.  Increasing our knowledge of the safety issues and engaing in discussion for solutions is critical to making our area safer for all, especially the residents, school children, and the families that directly use or live on this segment. 

Northern Santa Cruz Ave segment

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Pros & Cons -N. SCA Lane Change

Reducing the current freeway width lanes on this segment of Santa Cruz by restriping and adjusting the shoulder line by a few inches provides both traffic calming, lower speeds, and an bike lane for the up hill (south) direction.  Are there Pros vs Cons?  Explore the conversation on at Northern SCA Lane Change - Pros vs Cons