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KimleyHorn-County - Proposal 1

Consultants to San Mateo County have created a proposal one strech of the Santa Cruz/Alameda Corridor.   This proposal does not address the northern segment of Santa Cruz Ave above the "Y".

For that southern most section of Santa Cruz Ave (South of Y), this proposal has several changes:

  • Eliminates the dangerous NB 3rd lane at the Y
  • Center turn/merge lane is elminiated
  • NB Cyclists have to make abrupt change at Y to continue on Alameda
  • Bike lanes are added both directions
  • Crosswalks at Y remain extra long and at angles


For  Alameda de las Pulgas, this proposal has several changes:

  • Reduces each direction to a single lane of traffic
  • Creates a Center turn/merge lane 
  • Parking on both sides is move away from curb to allow room for an inner protected  bike lane
  • Inner Bike lanes are added both directions
  • both bike lanes are next to curb
  • Crosswalk at Y remain extremely long and at severe angle

 Note:  This is not a proposal that was created by our community SAFE group, but a propsal that County is presenting in conjunction with their consultants.

Below are there engineering drawings.  Have a suggestion or concern? Enter your Comments and feedback below.



Click on the File link here to see the full Kimley-Horn/County Proposal.


This proposal seems to be based on a lack of understanding of the importance of the Center Turn/Merge lane on Santa Cruz Ave. While the proposal provides the center lane on the Alameda portion, it removes it from the southern portion of Santa Cruz.

With nearly 3 dozen driveways and intersections in this short 1,200' section of road, the Center turn/merge lane is a life line for those residents and motorists that are entering SCA via a left turn or are making a left turn From sea into the side streets or driveways. It would become near impossible to make lefts on to Santa Cruz during times when there is even moderate traffic and most likely impossible during peak hours.

Likewise, with the huge numbers of residencies along this short section of Santa Cruz, including the 170+ at Menlo Commons, the 130+ homes in University Park (via Palo Alto Way) and the many homes off of Oak Hollow, this proposal ignores the huge impact put on through traffic . The through traffic lane would frequently be blocked by left turning vehicles, resulting in an significant increase in sudden stops, swerving, rear end collisions, traffic snarl... just to name a few. This results in a huge increase in risk and an major impact on safety.

Removal of the center lane is a non-starter and its consideration seems to show a lack or disregard to understanding the safety issues faced in the corridor. County should save our money by making this removal of center lane non-option and not wasting time/money with consultants to draft proposals based on this option.

For this section of Santa Cruz, there are several proposed solutions that address bike lanes while keeping parking, keeping the center turn lane, and making this section safer.

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