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Safety Action Group - Crosswalk

Update Apr 13, 2021:   Success!   Improvements completed

County has completed the Palo Alto Cross walk improvements.  Thanks to the hundreds that supported this needed improvement.  It was a 17 year effort, so thanks to all that emails to County officials, signed petitions, and made comments on the several safety surveys conducted in the past several years. 

If you have feedback, observations, or other comments, please scroll to the bottom of this webpage and leave them in the Comment Section.  You may also send an email to


Update Feb 23, 2021:   Finally, Work to begin March 2021

We just received notice that the Palo Alto Way Crosswalk on Santa Cruz Ave will be receiving safety upgrades this March.  This is much welcomed news for the community and one that many have worked to achieve for nearly 2 decades.

Thank all of you, hundreds of you, that raised your voices via emails to County officials, signed petitions, and made comments on the several safety surveys conducted in the past several years. 

The construction details for the Crosswalk improvement are available:  Crosswalk Plans 


Crosswalk Saftey - Priority Action

It is time that San Mateo County implement safety features for pedestrian crossings at the Palo Alto Way Crosswalk on Santa Cruz Ave. You can be an important person in getting these safety features installed for our benefit and safety.
Here is how you can make a difference:
  • Watch the video:  
  • Read the short safety briefing on this crosswalk to understand the issue and solutions
  • Take the Poll on the crosswalk and mark your participation (below)
  • Add your name to the Petition, as hundreds have already done (see sidebar petition)
  • If you would rather call and leave a message, Supervisor Horsley's phone is: 650-363-4569
  • Most Important:  Send an email to San Mateo Supervisors and Public Works --  


Why is your assistance needed?

On the 16th anniversary of Amy Bijan's death in this crosswalk, the County Public Works director notified us that the crosswalk was being removed from the list of  'low-hanging-fruit' actions and that the safety issues at the crosswalk would not be addressed until some (undefined) future date.  Most people in our community feel this is unacceptable.  This crosswalk should have had safety provisions implemented 20 years ago, when they would have saved Amy's life.

Every Safety Study and Every Road Design

The county has conducted many safety studies and road design recommendations over the last decades.  Every single study and design included the use of a pedestrian activated traffic light to alert motorists of crosswalk use and the other key safety measures noted here and in the video.   Every single study and every design included these recommendations!

The County even conducted surveys pertaining to crosswalk safety.  The results show a solid majority of the community and commuters want the crosswalk improved.  (as has surveys this website has conducted)

Given the support by traffic engineers, pedestrian safety experts, and our entire community, there is absolutely no reason to not have implemented the recommended safety improvements for the crosswalk.   The cost is not high.  County officials stated that the pedestrian activated lights would be in the $16k range and the other needed safety improvements are only in the hundreds of dollar range--an incredibly low cost for taking steps to save a life or prevent injury and to have a safer community.


What County Public Works CAN Do:

  • Make Drivers Aware that Crosswalk is in Use
  • Paint Advance Stop Lines before Crosswalk
  • Pedestrian Activated Traffic Crosswalk Lights
  • Pedestrian Warning Bollard in roadway
  • Define Right Most Lane - Shoulder Stripe
    Above should be immediate improvements.
    Below also should be considered in coming 12 months:
  • Curb Bulb-out - ADA Curb Cuts*
  • Correct Street Lighting for Crosswalk*
  • Improve Bus Stop Awareness & Accommodation*
  • Add "Keep Clear" to Intersection (for visibility/access)*


Reference the Safety Issues Report:  SAFE Issue #6 - Palo Alto Way Crosswalk

Questions for Poll
The Palo Alto Way Crosswalk safety action is supported by the citizen's Safety Action Support Group, a new group with focus on this crosswalk. Information details and progress reports are shared with this group. The group's primary goal is to have County implement safety improvements for the crosswalk and to insure these improvements will be in place before the start of school in late August or early September. Members encourage neighbors to take the Poll and sign the Petition. They also send support for action emails to our County Supervisors and officials.
Please objective feedback and comments. Or share your ideas or concerns.
To help avoid spammers and bots, please leave the name of the street you live on.


Supervisor Don Horsley, in response to our emails requesting action, responded as follows:

The County does recognize that this is an extremely busy corridor. I think the last traffic count showed something like 20,000 plus car trips per day. So the County embarked on a process to consider appropriate modifications to the roadways and crossings. The process included working with a traffic consultant and a group of local citizens, the SAFE task force. The Task force and County developed  conceptual plans for improvements to the corridor and there has been wide involvement with the broader community to be sure that the final plans meet the needs of the community. The pandemic has slowed down the process but it will be completed in the very near future. It is my understanding that a recommendation will be coming to the Board of Supervisors to approve both the plan and to appropriate funding for the improvements in the corridor.  [Don Horsley, Aug 1st]

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