SAFE Issue#16 – Sharon Road Lack of Pathway-Sidewalks


Sharon Road is a narrow 2-lane road with residences spanning both sides of the road from Altschul Ave. to the Alameda (city jurisdiction).  It is somewhat wider as it continues westward from the Alameda to Santa Cruz Ave (county jurisdiction).  It is a primary school route used by children traveling by foot and bicycle to/from La Entrada Middle School (4th-8th grades) where the main school entrance is at 2200 Sharon Road (at the Sharon Road/Altschul Ave. intersection).





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4 thoughts on “SAFE Issue#16 – Sharon Road Lack of Pathway-Sidewalks”

  1. Jenny Brokaw

    Proposal of traffic blockades
    I live on this section of Sharon Road between Alameda and Santa Cruz and fully agree! If sidewalks are not an option, I would also like to propose the installation of single lane traffic blockades as an alternative solution. Similar to those on Cloud Ave. at Avy and Valparaiso. It would certainly slow down traffic as they enter and exit this cut-through.

  2. Carin Pacifico

    City and County share jurisdiction, neither takes responsibility
    The shared jurisdiction for Sharon Road, which is the approach for children attending the neighborhood La Entrada Middle School, highlights the problem with the *absurd* map of the western border of Menlo Park. Neither the city nor the county takes responsibility for adequate planning in the highly trafficked “Triangle” area. The unincorporated section should be brought into MP, rather than connecting MP to Sharon Heights via a walkway on the Stanford Golf Course.

  3. Karen Grove

    I agree. I feel vulnerable when I walk on this section of Sharon Rd as an adult! I depend on drivers to watch out for me because when cars are parked, there is no option but to walk in the line of traffic. Add a dog or child into the mix and it’s even more scary.

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