Neighborhood Disaster Preparedness

As we are all aware, especially the recent fires, gas explosions, covid pandemic, rain and wind storms, and always pending earthquake, being prepared for disasters can save lives and reduce stress.  The following form is in conjunction with efforts of MPC-Ready and inline with FEMA Ready and CERT disaster preparation guidelines, both part of federal disaster preparedness programs.  Our neighborhood preparedness initiative’s main purpose is to have each household in our neighborhood understand basic preparedness and safety steps so that we can respond more effectively incase of a major emergency or disaster. 

Working in conjunction with the MPC Ready, several of our neighbors have volunteered to be the Block Coordinators for University Park. We have created a map of our neighborhood and assigned “Block Coordinators.”  (see map inset) 

The Block Coordinators will reach out to the homes assigned to them during an emergency and help their assigned households to see if any help/assistance that may be needed.

We ask that you register your household in the Registration Form below. There is basic info of name, address, contact info.  There is additional data that we are encouraging everyone to fill out as this can be useful in times of a disaster to identify those that may need help, have pets or other needs,  and those with useful skill sets.

We will create binders for each Block Coordinator with this information along with other disaster guidelines and action plans.  This Block Coordinator binder is in a hardcopy format and is not kept online as we expect that the internet and phone services will be down during a disaster, potentially for a day or more.

If you would like to be a Block Coordinator, volunteer, or if you have any questions, please contact Ron:

Registration Form

Your information entered here is used solely to facilitate connecting those in need to volunteers.  The area served by this form is limited to the West Menlo Park, University Park neighborhood area.  Simple, straight forward, and yet very supportive of our neighborhood – neighbors helping neighbors.

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List names of others living in this household. Used in disaster checks for both safety and security.

Other Household Members:

Diaster household check - priority
In an emergency, each house will be checked to assess safety and security. In an emergency.
Areas of SupportSkills, training, occupation
In a mass disaster, it is helpful to know skill sets that are nearby in case help is needed. Please help identify areas where members in your household could help.

In case of a disaster, is there someone that you would like contacted? List contact name, email, phone, and city. Should be a person several miles away.
Please identify if there are special concerns or circumstances that could be helpful to emergency workers if disaster occurs: This could include medical conditions, needed medications or equipment and what you would want a doctor or EMT to know.

We are treating the personal information entered on this form as private. While it is temporarily captured online and secured in protected files, the information is deleted from online once it is entered on a local list (not online) that is used solely in the neighborhood disaster preparedness. Only block corrdinators will have [restricted] access. The information is not shared in any other manner - it is used only for local disasters at which point it may be shared and used by fire district and EMT personnel to facilitate their assistance.

UnivPark – Preparedness Map 

As an aid in dividing up the University Park neighborhood, we are using a map provided by   Each of the areas, A thrugh L, has a volunteer.  This map then helps us distribute the households so that volunteers each have between 14 to 20 homes in which they help with communications and other volunteer actions.

Univ Park Block Coordinators

University Park neighborhood has been divided into areas (see Univ Park Map) and each area has a Block Coordinator for the purpose of disaster preparedness.  The following are Block Coordinators.

AreaStreet House
Number Range
Block Coordinator
ASand Hill Road 2006-2084Dror Shimshowitz
BPerry Ave (all),
Palo Alto Way 1901-1995 (odd),
Leland Ave 140 & 180,
Vine 157-261
Josie Tang
CPalo Alto1920-1948 (even),
Vine 301-471
Ron Snow
DLeland 298-699,
Vine 481
Rebecca Deutscher 
and Chris Bishop
ELeland 231-295Kevyn and Rick 
FLeland 111-218 & 221,
Palo Alto Way 1990-1940
Keri Tully
GStanford 110-199,
Palo Alto Way 2059
Suzi Russell
HStanford 200-238
IStanford 241-282Jill Amstutz
JStanford 298-326Cindy Tipton
KStanford 325-700Laurel Sevier
LSanta Cruz 2043-2099Charmaine Conui
M Santa Cruz 2101-2018Stuart Wilks
NSanta Cruz 2141-2187Angie Robbiano
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