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Petition - Safer Crosswalk at Palo Alto Way

Petition Results Summary

What an engaged community we have!   Participation in the short 2 weeks of this petition drive were outstanding.  Here is a summary of the petition with comments community members made.

Petition to Install
Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk Traffic Light
at Palo Alto Way and Santa Cruz Ave
West Menlo Park

TO:  San Mateo Board of Supervisors and Department of Public Works


Issue and Background:

We are residents of West Menlo Park and we are drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.  We want our neighborhood to be safe, accessible, and hospitable to all traffic, including foot traffic. The crosswalk at the intersection of Palo Alto Way and Santa Cruz Ave lacks effective safety measures for our neighborhood community. School children, seniors visiting neighbors, neighbors accessing the bus stop, and all people of all ages walking in the area should feel safe and should BE safe using this crossing.

The County and the cities of Menlo Park, Atherton, and Redwood City have begun making crosswalks safer by marking lines on the road to stop traffic before the crosswalk and installing pedestrian activated lights.  These improvements are in place further north on Santa Cruz Ave and a half dozen have been added nearby on El Camino Real.

This crosswalk is an important part of our neighborhood and links our community.  It is also the main access to the bus stop located there and the school bus stop located just a few hundred feet further off of Palo Alto Way in the University Park neighborhood.

Request of the Undersigned:

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who request San Mateo County to act now to install a Pedestrian activated crosswalk warning light system or similar Pedestrian hybrid flashing beacons for the crosswalk at the intersection of Palo Alto Way and Santa Cruz Ave (including the traffic marking lines to keep stoped vehicles a safe distance from the crosswalk). The implementation of this request greatly improves the safety of the crosswalk for our use and for access to the bus stops (school and public) located there.


Additional information and reference: