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Community/County - SantaCruz/Alameda Task Force

Our community's SAFE Committee members along with City and County will meet Friday, May 3rd after a 6 month break.  County will be presenting design ideas for discussion and comment by the Task Force members.   Please contact any of the Task Force member for more information or comment; or, send email to

Our Task Force met the first time on Monday, September 25th to establish a new County/City/Community Task Force for improving safety in our Santa Cruz/Alameda de las Pulgas corridor -- From Sand Hill Road to Avy Ave.  The purpose of Task Force is to spearhead the safety improvments in our corridor, most of which are documented and listed on our website's Safe page.  

The Task Force includes many members from our community, County Public Works, Menlo Park Transportation, Traffic Enforcment, Fire District, Cyclists, and others that plan to work together to move forward with implementing safety improvements along the Santa Cruz Ave between Sand Hill and Avy Ave AND Alameda de las Pulgas between the Y and Avy Ave.   

So far several safety improvements have occurred:

  • Sharon Rd @ Alameda - Crosswalk Ladder Striping and Traffic Signal Delays (Safety Issue #7)
  • Installation of Sharrows (Shared Bike Lanes) on Santa Cruz and Alameda (Safety Issue #8.4)
  • Center Turn Lane on Santa Cruz Ave near Sand Hill now terminates, cutting down dangerous use of lane as a travel lane (Safety Issue #17.1)
  • Reduction of the high speed limit on Alameda and Southern portion of Santa Cruz Ave (Safety Issues #2 and #4)
  • Crosswalk Ladder striping on Crosswalks at Palo Alto Way and at the Y (Safety Issues #6, #10)
  • Clean-up of Sidewalks South of Y  (Safety Issue #12)

Past and future Task Force meetings are addressing  several priority items, including progress on addressing Alameda safety and traffic calming, the Y intersection, Speed and Safety on the north segment of Santa Cruz between the Y and Avy, and the crosswalks at Sharon Rd. and Palo Alto Way.  Virtually all of those were broadly supported at our Aug 28th Community meeting (2017).

If you have suggestions, want to stay informed, and/or can help in our safety efforts, please fill out the SAFE Participation form.  There, you can inidicate your interests and also indicate how you want to participate:  From just recieving occasional updates to a variety of ways to actively work for better safety. 

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