Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In our West Menlo Park neighborhood, University Park, there are many neighbors volunteering to help others that may need assistance in grocery shopping, medicines, pet care, or similar to those that may need that help. Covid taught us all that we need to stick together and help each other. Whether it’s a household with seniors, a young family with children, or people dealing health issues, our community can be there to help support.

The main thing that distinguishes a good neighborhood from a great neighborhood is knowing our neighbors. To apply Willie Mays’s famous saying, when you see people walking in the neighborhood — just “say hey”.

Registration Form

This form is meant to help connect volunteers with those that have needs.  Note, volunteer contact info is shared between other volunteers and provided to those indicating they would like assistance or would like to talk with a volunteer.  

Your information entered here is used solely to facilitate connecting those in need to volunteers.  The area served by this form is limited to the West Menlo Park, University Park neighborhood area.  Simple, straight forward, and yet very supportive of our neighborhood – neighbors helping neighbors.

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Volunteer – or – Could Use Assistance
Areas of Support
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Which of these might you consider helping with?
Add your comments. If you have particular needs, please state here. If you have particular skills or ability to help, please state here.

Neighbors Supprting Community

Featured: Luttickens

Luttickens has been part of the local community for decades. Located in our West Menlo Park business area along the Alameda at Gordon Ave, Bob has been serving great eats and drinks to generations in our community. The Deli menu and After 5 menu.  Call 650-854-0291.   Lutticken’s supports pre-order and pickup and other delivery options via Waiter.comDoorDash, and Gruphub delivery options.  

Featured: Shady Lane Gifts

Alice and her husband founded Shady Lane 47+ years ago to showcase their own artisan creations and they now help promote a group of local artisans, all women, who help out in the store and showcase the wonderful creations at Shady Lane. Shady Lane sells mostly hand created gift items but also purchase designs from local and international artisans.

For many of us in the community, Shady Lane has been an important resource for decades. Newer residents have discovered its fine collection of unique gifts, beautiful artistic creations, and wonderful friendly service. An important member of our local business community.

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