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Luttickens - Lunch & Dinner

Luttickens has been part of community makeup well before the majority of people started living here.   It serves everything from gourmet coffees to spicy and flavorful appetizers.  We all know that many businesses are having extremely bad times with the pandemic, yet in this case we all can help.  As a Featured Local Business, we are encouraging neighbors to treat themselves to some easy meals from a great selection of lunch and dinner menus from Luttickens.    We benefit from a change to the norm and good delicious food and Luttickens gets some needed business.


Lunch Menu and After 5 Menu

Ph:   650-854-0291
Fax: 650-854-6431

Besides order/pickup, Luttickens has, DoorDash, and GrupHub deliveries.

Bob Lutticken of Luttickens Deli

As mentioned in inMenlo's article on Luttickens, you can enjoy a much expanded menu and Bob is staying open for takeout orders.  His hours are 9am to 8pm most days, 9am - 4pm Saturdays, 10am - 3pm Sundays, and 9am - 3pm on Mondays.   He is keeping all his staff on payroll and so our patronage of Luttickens is critical.