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Palo Alto Way Crosswalk Safety Actions

Palo Alto Way Crosswalk Safety Actions

 The intersection at Palo Alto Way and Santa Cruz is a major crosswalk that connects to the Palo Alto Way bus stop and allows the various communities (Menlo Commons, Oak Hollow, University Park) to connect with each other, including those students accessing the school bus stop near Palo Alto Way.  It has been a continual site of traffic accidents including a pedestrian fatality. 


  • Pedestrian death in crosswalk 
  • Pedestrian activated lights have been recommended by every pedestrian safety study and every roadway design for the last 10+ years
  • Community Petition for Pedestrian activeated traffic light and safety improvements (200+ signatures)
  • Community has been requestiong this for 16+ years!
  • Was supposed to be 'near term' project 3 years ago by Santa Cruz/Alameda Safety Task Force


  • Restricted visibility to crosswalk - restricts view of both motorists and pedestrians
  • Motorists not alerted to crosswalk use
  • No Stop Limit lines (aka Advance Yield)
  • No crosswalk warning lights
  • No curb cut on west side
  • No mid-street Pedestrian Crossing Bollard Sign

Solution Positives:

  • High-visible crosswalk beacon light gets motorists attention
  • Clearly marked crosswalk 
  • Stop Limit lines provided safer crosswalk zone and better visibility
  • Safer for seniors and children
  • Safer access to school and public bus stops located there


Greatly improved safety for pedestrians, seniors, and students

Restricts traffic flow when active and activity likely to increase when crosswalk is safer


Crosswalk location could be at south corner of Palo Alto Way

Scope - Cost:  

Flashing beacon lights cost from $14k to $25k



SAFE Issue #6 - Palo Alto Way Crosswalk