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Reduced speed on Northern Santa Cruz Segment

Reduced speed on Northern Santa Cruz Segment

Northern Santa Cruz Ave segment

North Santa Cruz Segment

Extra wide traffic lanes and the slope of the roadway contribute to excessive speeding. All of the SantaCruz/Alameda corridor is 25, except this short residential section between the "Y" and Oak Dell. Residents are in favor of reducing speed from 30 to 25 mph.   The high accident rate and the high use by children and families are two points that clearly justify the reduced speed limit, both by engineering guidelines and by safety sense (complete streets, safe routes to school, and pedestrian/traffic safety organization guidelines).


  • Highly used school crossing area
  • Majority of roadway has no walking paths/sidewalks - families/pedestrians must use roadway
  • Speeding is a major safety issue on this segment
  • Extra wide traffic lanes  contribute to speeding issues - 11½' lanes 
    (Hwy 101 widths are 11' and roadwidths on other Alameda and Santa Cruz segments are 9' to 10')
  • Extremely high accident rates and near misses
  • Shared car/bike lanes (sharrows) put cyclists at high risk with fast traffic speed

Solution Benefits

  • Lower speed would then be consistent with rest of Safety Corridor
  • Reduced speed limit is first step in addresssing speed issues
  • Safer to exit/enter properties and parked cars
  • Lower speed safer for cyclists that must share the lane
Speed Limit 25

Scope - Cost:  

Low cost, to replace speed limit signs - a few hundred dollars.