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Covid-19 - Neighbor Help

Covid-19 -- Neighbors helping Neighbors

In this un-paralled time of the Covid-19 virus, our neighborhood can be a source of help to our fellow neighbors.  With the recommendation to stay at home and restrict travel, especially for those over 60 or with heath conditions, many neighbors have stepped forward to offer help to neighbors.  Volunteering to make grocery and drug store shopping trips for those in need.

The data on this from is not private yet it is not widely distributed either.   Your information entered here is used solely to facilitate connecting   those in need to volunteers.  The geographic aspect of this is limited to the West Menlo Park, University Park neighborhood area.  Simple, straight forward, and yet very supportive of our neighborhood - neighbors helping neighbors.

This form is meant to help connect volunteers with those that have needs.  Note, volunteer contact info is shared between other volunteers and provided to those indicating they would like assistance or would like to talk with a volunteer.  

Your Contact Info
Please enter your street number and street name (i.e. 123 Main St) This helps eliminate spammers/hackers.
Check any/all in which you apply to you
Add your comments. If you have particular needs, please state here. If you have particular skills or ability to help, please state here.