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SAFE Issue #4 - Alameda Unsafe Speed


Oct 17, 2017:       Safety Issue Pending Implementation
County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution to change the speed limit for two segments of our corridor:  Alameda from the "Y" to Harkens will now be set to 25 mph 
Santa Cruz from the "Y" to Sand Hill Rd will also be set to 25 mph
Effective date requires 30 days to take affect  -- mid-November.

Sep 20, 2017:
Supervisor Don Horsley provided information that reducing the speed on this section of Alameda de las Pulgas to 25 mph is on the Board of Supervisor's agenda for Oct 17th.  Please click that link for details.

Provides full Safety Issue details as PDFThis short 4 block section of Alameda experiences a high accident rate, parents reporting near misses of vehicles almost hitting school children, requires bikes to co-mingle in traffic lanes due to lack of bike lanes, pedestrians have to use roadway due to unusable sidewalks, and traffic having to negotiate around left turning vehicles and lane reductions.   All this put cyclists and pedestrians at undo risk.



Click on the File link below to see the full Safety Issue and proposed solution options.  Have a suggestion or concern? Enter your Comment below.


While progress was made by the reduction of speed to 25 mph, it is imperitive that electronic feedback signs be placed on the road way to provide motorists that reminder and feedback for a proper speed.  It might be that the electronic signs recently placed on Alpine Rd (solar) or similar, be placed in 2 or 3 locations north bound and at least 2 locations southbound.  

This needs to be a priority if the speed limit is to be effective.

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