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SAFE Issue #1 - Alameda Safe Lane Consistency

Provides full Safety Issue details as PDF

 Four blocks of Alameda de las Pulgas, a primary school route,  are inconsistent with the rest of the Alameda and have a high number of accidents, including several where cars have jumped the curb and even crashed into properties and homes.  

The 4 traffic lanes are wide and create a 'raceway' effect on traffic speed. Safety is further compromised by serious visibility issues, including those caused by the terrain, where the major school crossing at Sharon Rd is at the top of the hill where sunlight glare is a factor.    Unexpected left turning traffic causes abrupt and dangerous lane changes and distracts drivers attention away from pedestrians,(many are school children) in the road way and crosswalks.   

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In SAFE Issues #3, the following phrase was included...

"There is limited visibility at times due to sunlight glare"

This can be a serious issue at sunrise and sundown at certain times of the year on Alameda at Sharon Rd as well.

While we can't the sunlight realities, lower speed limits will help with improved reaction times and help with awareness of pedestrians and cyclists.

This proposal is very alarming without A LOT MORE DATA. I would like to see modeling of # of cars/minute; length of traffic lights; impact of large volume of traffic in connection with red lights. There are 3 lights within this "4"block section and I can envision gridlock at rush hour while cars wait for traffic lights to change, making it difficult to get onto the Alameda from all the cross streets on both sides of Alameda. It might be a viable solution but we need much more technical information. There absolutely would have to be "Keep Clear" areas in front of each of the streets, similar to those in front of Menlo Commons. Some people said at the meeting last night that this section of the Alameda should become one lane so that it "matches" the rest of the street. This is not a defensible reason for such a drastic change.

Hi There,

This is such great work! Thank you.

I have long wished that the street improvements that were done to the 13 blocks north of Avy had extended to the Y.

My input:

Alameda, between the Y and Sharon, currently has on-street parking and bike lanes, but inadequate sidewalks. Looking at the county consultants' proposal (from the materials they shared on Monday Aug 28) it looks like their "Alternative 3" plus an additional parking lane and some minor width modifications would be a good solution for the section between the Y and Sharon Rd.

This modified "Alternative 3" would blend very well with "Alternative 4" for the Sand Hill Rd to the Y.

Correction: We do not have bike lanes between Sharon and the Y...bikes use the extra width of the parking lane. The modified alternative 3 would be a vast improvement.

Thank you for helping to address these issues in our neighborhood.

1. On Alameda heading north as you approach Avy you must squeeze into the right lane for a few feet before you can get in the left turn lane. This slows down traffic and could cause an accident as drivers speed up to be "first". There is no need for this. After the light on Sharon and Alameda a simple left turn only arrow could be painted in that lane and a straight, right turn painted in the right lane. Better flow, less aggression.

2. At the light on Avy crossing Alameda there is no left turn signal. People turn in front of cars or block the intersection waiting to turn. When school lets out those poor parents can wait at least a half an hour turn turn left! If I happen to be coming home at that time, my driveway is blocked and I have to hold up traffic on Avy very close to the intersection waiting for traffic to clear enough so I can get in. A left turn light would greatly improve traffic flow and safety.

3. Again at the same intersection but on the Dutch Goose side of Avy, people are allowed to park way too close to the intersection. It creates congestion and is dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. Please make the cars park farther away from a very busy intersection. Achieved with some paint. The county ? was here not long ago and repainted in front of Starbucks.

Lastly slowing down the Y off Alameda would be great. Not sure why people punch it when they come to this intersection, they are not going far as there is a four way stop. Maybe a few Silent Police (large speed bumps) may help.

Good luck and thanks for all your hard work.

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