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Community Bike Survey - Results

We had asked our local community to weigh in on biking in our area, and whether improvements on Santa Cruz and Alameda for biking would change biking habits.  
One question was related to the new shared bike lanes marked with "Sharrows".  The other question was related to actual bike lanes defined in the roadway.   

Below are the results of the  survey where 78 neighbors participated and about half of those provided addtional comments.

How frequently do you bicycle on Alameda or Santa Cruz now?

Once in a while -- 1 to 4 times a month28
Often -- More than twice a week19
Daily, almost every day12
I don't bicycle currently20


With the new Sharrows on Alameda and Santa Cruz, would you...?

I would be more inclined to cycle27
Sharrows will not change my use52


With dedicated Bike Lanes on Alameda and Santa Cruz, how likely would you be to use them?

I would be more inclined to cycle61
Dedicated bike lanes will not change my use17