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Safety Action Group - Crosswalk

Update Apr 13, 2021:   Success!   Improvements completed

County has completed the Palo Alto Cross walk improvements.  Thanks to the hundreds that supported this needed improvement.  It was a 17 year effort, so thanks to all that emails to County officials, signed petitions, and made comments on the several safety surveys conducted in the past several years. 

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The Palo Alto Way crosswalk was a long fought issue to get safety measures for the crosswalk that already had one pedestrian death and many near misses.  In March 2021, County implemented changes that the community had been asking for over 17 years.

Here is some background reference:
Questions for Poll
In March, the Palo Alto Way crosswalk was improved to include traffic advance stop lines (shark tooth line) to keep motorists away from the crosswalk and form a safety buffer. This buffer is meant to address the 'multi-lane threat' that occurs when a car in one lane blocks the view of motorists and pedestrians in the 2nd lane. Another improvement was the pedestrian activated lights to notify motorists that the crosswalk is in use. A bollard was added to also improve motorist awareness.
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Supervisor Don Horsley, in response to our emails requesting action, responded as follows:

The County does recognize that this is an extremely busy corridor. I think the last traffic count showed something like 20,000 plus car trips per day. So the County embarked on a process to consider appropriate modifications to the roadways and crossings. The process included working with a traffic consultant and a group of local citizens, the SAFE task force. The Task force and County developed  conceptual plans for improvements to the corridor and there has been wide involvement with the broader community to be sure that the final plans meet the needs of the community. The pandemic has slowed down the process but it will be completed in the very near future. It is my understanding that a recommendation will be coming to the Board of Supervisors to approve both the plan and to appropriate funding for the improvements in the corridor.  [Don Horsley, Aug 1st]


The SB advance stop line is not effective against the multilane threat that it was supposed to address. Cars coming up upon a stop or slowing car in one lane, tend to then swerve in to the adjacent lane to avoid the car. When a pedestrian is crossing, they can see the on coming car that is changing lanes. Likewise, the car that is changing lanes to avoid the stopped car, can see the pedestrian.

While the advance stop line seems to be the minimum distance from the crosswalk, that seems more appropriate 1 lane, for our 2 lanes, this distance does not give time for a car to see and stop. Please consider moving the SB Advance Stop line further back so that it is more effective in addressing the multilane threat. See this webpage for video of the multilane threat:

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