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4th of July - A Covid Safe Block Party

A few long-time residents might remember the great 4th of July block parties that we held on Leland Avenue. Sheltering in place has led some neighbors to think about re-connecting with neighbors. We are thinking of once again throwing a 4th of July block party (safely).
Restrictions may be lifted by then, or they may not. Even if we're still sheltering in place, people could set up lawn chairs and barbecues in their own driveways, and folks could walk down the streets and chat from a distance. It doesn't have to be limited to Leland Avenue; lets include all the streets in our neighborhood, including the Sand Hill frontage road and even the portion of Santa Cruz that borders the University Park neighborhood. We might not be able to share food, unless we can think of a way to do it safely. 

Please send feedback, positive or negative, by answering questions below.  You may also leave public Comments at the bottom of the page.    Please feel free to contact Rick directly at to discuss and share ideas.

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