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Halloween - Input and Volunteer

Submitted by admin on October 11, 2018 - 3:42pm

Neighborhood Pumpkin Carving and Parade

Pumpkin carving and costume parade

Our University Park neighborhood's tradition of celebration Halloween with pumpkin carving, apple press, and Halloween Parade will be Sunday the 28th.   This is a great opportunity for us all to participate in one of the aspects that makes our neighborhood so great and engaged.  Just a fantastic time to socialize, enjoy the artistry of costumes and pumpkin carving skills and to enjoy some treats, fresh pressed apple juice, and good energy.

Halloween celebration with its pumpkin carving, apple press, and parade and all of the activies has become a big tradition in our neighborhood and the roots date back decades when the "pumpkin house" had such fantastically carved pumpkins on display.  

Please offer your comments and suggestions and optionally mark any areas that you can help by marking the form below.   

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VolunteerNot Available
Help with setup or clean up
Pumpkin Awards - Create list of awards
Pumpkin Award Judge to help assign awards
Activities - help/sponsor -- Chalk drawing, bag toss, etc.
Help bring a snack, treat, or something to drink, ...
Bring some apples for apple press (bring by mid morning)
General helper for carving, activities, whatever

VolunteerNot Avail
Parade Organizer (set route, start parade)
Parade Treats (bring treats & snacks & drink)
Parade Setup (table cloths, cups, etc)
Suggestions, observations, or any constructive input on any aspect of the Halloween Activities or neighborhood's Halloween celebration in general. Thank you.