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Is there enough width for improvements?

Is there enough width for improvements?

Our section of Alameda, at its narrowest, has a width of 64', curb to curb.  Additionally, there are sidewalks and pathways that represent an additional 5' to 10' width.   This  64' road width provides ample room for parking on both sides, buffered bike lanes, a center left turn/merge lane, and a traffic lane each direction.  Additionally, there is width left over to make the current narrow and unusable pedestrian pathways into ADA compliant sidewalks.

The question comes up if this is enough width.   Further north on Alameda, between Masschussets Ave and Vera Ave, the road width is substantially narrower (54') and yet there is parking on both sides, a 5.5' bike lane, traffic lane each direction and a center left turn/merge lane.  There traffic lanes widths are inline with FHWA and Traffic Calming standards, having 9' traffic lanes and center turn lanes just under 10'.  

Our extra width on Alameda  can provide more room for bike lane buffer, wider parking, and room to move the curbs in for a ADA compliant sidewalk.  To help provide calmer traffic flow and reduce speeders, traffic lanes should be 10' or less.

This roadway layout cut-a-way shows the basic potential for our Alameda section: