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Board of Supervisors - Speed Limit Reduction


UPDATE:  Oct 31st --  Board of Supervisors - 2nd Reading of Resolution - PASSED

The 25 mph resolution required a 2nd reading by the County Board of Supervisors of the resoluiton they approved on October 17th.  New resolution lowers speed limit to 25 mph (see map below).   The 2nd reading was on the Consent Agenda for the Supervisor meeting on Oct 31st and was Passed by the supervisors.    

The resolution will become law on December 1st.


UPDATE:  Oct 17th --  Board of Supervisors Unanimously Approve Resolution

Safety Issue Pending Implementation
County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution to change the speed limit for two segments of our corridor: Alameda from the "Y" to Harkens will now be set to 25 mph 

Santa Cruz from the "Y" to Sand Hill Rd will also be set to 25 mph
Effective date requires 30 days to take affect -- mid-November.

 This news item has been updated.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on October 17, 2017 in support of a Department of Public Works proposal to lower to 25 MPH the speed limit along Santa Cruz Avenue, stretching from Sand Hill Road north to the “Y” at Alameda de Las Pulgas and proceeding on Alameda to Harkins Avenue. The Supervisors heard from a number of interested members of the community and the SAFE Committee who spoke in support of the change. The Board also took note of the strong show of support from the dozen or more area residents and supporters attending the presentation and discussion.

Lowering the speed limit from its current 35 MPH to 25 on these two highly travelled streets are among two of 17 opportunities identified this Spring by the SAFE Committee and supported by an informal coalition of cyclists, pedestrians, parents of area school children and residents. Given the community’s desire to address these needs and recognizing that progress could be accelerated by working directly with the County and other local authorities, the County has constituted a Santa Cruz/Alameda de Las Pulgas Corridor Improvement Task Force to more formally assess and address the opportunities to improve the safety and quality of life for people living and travelling thru the corridor.

The speed limit change requires an amendment to the San Mateo County Ordinance Code and therefore requires a 30 day public notice period as well as a second vote by the Board of Supervisors before the change becomes effective. Look for a new -- lower and safer—speed limit on Santa Cruz Avenue and Almeda de las Pulgas from Sand Hill to Harkins Ave shortly after Thanksgiving!.

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Unfortunately,  the north segment of Santa Cruz above the Y is not set for a speed limit reduction. If you wish for this section to also have a 25 mph speed limit (currently 30) please voice your request by using this email link to send an email to both the City and County to let them know of your support. This segment is a multi-jurisdiction portion that is divided between County and City.

There is an incredibly high accident rate on this segment and the troublesome intersection at Sharon Rd - Santa Cruz Ave - Oakdell Dr. is dangerous and confusing.  These factors, along with this being a major school route used by children and families, provides the legal basis for reducing the speed.  This requires County and City agencies to work together to reduce the speed limit - lets encourage that cooperation.

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