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Stanford GUP - Community Info and Resources

Stanford is seeking permission to build almost 2.3 million square feet over the next 18 years. The General Usage Permit (GUP) plans include expanding the campus by 9600 students, faculty and staff;   

The GUP numbers exclude other major Stanford and 3rd party development of hosptial, medical, commercial buildings, and other related and local developments in our area.    

For example, 500 El Camino Real in Menlo Park, is a Stanford development estimated to increase car trips/day by over 2,600* -- just this development.  That is just a fraction of the major development that is outside of the GUP.  Add in the GUP and we project a huge increase in traffic.

Santa Clara County has released Recirculated Portions of the Draft EIR on the Stanford University 2018 General Use Permit Application.

This is the last opportunity to make public comments and to suppport your concerns and your neighbor's concerns about this recirculated portion of the Draft EIR and in particular the aspects of housing and traffic pertaining to those housing and expansion options.

Please reply to the Recirculated Portions of the Stanford GUP with your concerns and note issues by July 26th, 2018.  Comments on the Recircuated Portions of the Draft EIR on the Stanford 2018 GUP should be addressed to:   If you email your comments, the preceeding email link will inlcude both Menlo Park and San Mateo County. Written comments may be addressed to:

County of Santa Clara
Department of Planning and Development
Attention: David Rader
County Government Center
70 West Hedding Street -- 7th Floor, East Wing 
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 299-5779

(Link above will include Menlo Park and San Mateo County addressees)

The County has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) on the Stanford University 2018 General Use Permit (described below).
Draft EIR Vol 1
Draft EIR Vol 2
Draft EIR Vol 3

  * Additional car trips per day noted in Alamanc article.

Past public meetings:

San Mateo County Related Links

San Mateo County Planning and Building Dept. comments (see page 30) 

Video: Stanford presentation to San Mateo Board of Supervisors (Nov 7) - The discussion is quite revealing as to how San Mateo County has missed out on 2000 GUP mitigation funds and will continue to miss out with the proposed 2018 GUP. Dave Pine asks some probing questions.

Video: Board of Supervisors GUP presentation by Stanford with Santa Clara Planning - Apr 25

  • Stanford's presentation starts at 1:15. 
  • A key part to watch is after the presentation at 1:36 when Sup. Horsley states that SMC is disproportionately affected, especially Alpine Rd.
  • At 1:50 Dave Pine asks Stanford (Catherine Walther) and Santa Clara County (Kirk Girard, Director of Planning and Development) to comment on the lack of mitigation for SMC. Mr. Girard says,“we don’t have the social infrastructure" to share. Sup. Pine said that the document should acknowledge that the County should "be a recipient of traffic mitigation funds” yet this was not written into the draft EIR prepared by Santa Clara County

  * Huge increase in car trips per day noted in Alamanc article.

Urgent Action - Your GUP Reply - before July 26th

Santa Clara County has released the Recirculated Portions of the Draft EIR on the Stanfor GUP.  This was released in June 2018 and was the result of actions taken from  public commentson the Stanford GUP submitted prior to Feb 2nd.   It is critical that you send a response on the Recirculated Portions of the Stanford General Use Permit (GUP) Draft EIR by July 26th.  As a community, we are highly impacted by Stanford's development plans and we individuals need to speak up now to insure we are heard, that serious traffic and safet issues are mitigated, that our standard of living is not negatively impacted.   Your response will get a reply from the project management team.  

What you can do:   Attend the public meetins in Menlo Park and Palo Alto.  Read the Recirculated Portions of the Stanford GUP.   Send a reply on the Stanford GUP.  Look at the information provided by this page and its links, peruse the issue summaries, look at impact analysis points to get informed, then send your email response to Santa Clara County Planning Commission (use of this link will copy City of Menlo Park and County of San Mateo).

Critical Time Frame   Your response must be there by July 26th.

This is a 17 year plan that is going through the approval process.  In recent years we have seen double digit growth on our roads with little to no effective mitigation.  Our roads are currently saturated and stalemated during am/pm communtes, yet the development that caused this growth is still on going:  For example the Quary Rd expansion of 170,000 sq ft was just approved this month and most of that traffic is projected to be on Sand Hill and Alpine roads.

Some resources that might help you form a resonse are available on various webpages on this site.  We will, over the course of the next days, be adding more and more information, links, sharing responses -- all with the goal making it easier to get informed and easier to email or mail a response on the Stanford GUP.