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SAFE Issue #6 - Palo Alto Way Crosswalk


Provides full Safety Issue details as PDFThe intersection at Palo Alto Way and Santa Cruz is a major crosswalk that connects to the Palo Alto Way bus stop and connects the various communities (Menlo Commons, Oak Hollow, University Park) with each other.  It has been a continual site of traffic accidents including a pedestrian fatality.    



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This would seem an excellent place for an overhead sign warning drivers for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Pavement lights can be added for a little bit of safety at not much cost or controversy. A good example is the pavement lights at Ravenswood & Alma by the RR tracks.

In turning out of Palo Alto Way onto Santa Cruz, it is difficult to see approaching traffic, especially when large cars are in the first parking space to the south. The right lane of traffic on Santa Cruz often is next to the parked cars so one can not 'inch' out for the needed visibility (the right lane is excessively wide).

Parabolic mirror for intersection


In turning right in to Palo Alto Way, cars exiting Palo Alto Way are not very visible. Could there be a parabolic mirror or some visual aid to create more visibility for this intersection?

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