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Your Participation - Summary of Petitions

Your Participation - A Powerful Call for Action

Two recent petitions and a questionnaire for improving safety in our community were conducted and with excellent participation. What a great and engaged community we have!!
1) Results for a safer Palo Alto Way with Pedestrian activated crosswalk light:
2) Results for a safer Santa Cruz Ave at the Alameda de las Pulgas intersection:
3) County is sharing the Questionnaire Results:

Help achieve the safety goal

Help achieve the safety goal

There are some low cost, simple, immediate actions that could significantly improve safety and provide a much calmer traffic flow. Should we install those improvements now? Long term solutions are also in progress, but are probably years out.

Santa Cruz/Alameda For Everyone

Santa Cruz/Alameda For Everyone

We all know that our traffic corridors are growing worse and safety has not been addressed for over a dozen years. We concentrate on that section of Santa Cruz and Alameda de las Pulgas between Sand Hill and Avy Ave, yet we need to also pay attention to the traffic issues and planning (or lack of planning) on Alpine Road, Sand Hill Rd, Junipero, and 280.

Safety Proposal for Alameda de las Pulgas

Learn about the safety propsals for Alameda de las Pulgas.  Important changes proposed to calm traffic, create safety buffers for cyclists and pedestrians, install needed center turn/merge lane, finally get room for good sidewalks, buffered bike lanes, parking ,  improved fire/emergency access, and much more.   Use this Alameda Safety Proposal link to learn more.

Quick - Low Cost - Safety Actions

Help achieve the safety goalSafer, Calmer Traffic:   (New)  There are some low cost, simple, immediate actions that could significantly improve safety and provide a much calmer traffic flow.  Should we install those improvements now?  Long term solutions are also in progress, but are probably years out.

You can participate in this discussion and add your own ideas and concerns.  Join the discussion.   Information and Discussion Here.

 West Menlo Community Safety Initative

Participate in neighborhoodOur  community Safety Initiative has its own Safety Page on this website.  You can also download the Santa Cruz/Alameda Safety Study report pdf.   Please check out the information on the many safety issues of this cooridor and add your ideas, suggestions, and comments. Use the Participate icon to indicate your interests and participation level.

Use the SAFE link to stay informed and up-to-date on safety in our neighborhood.  After the important Community/County safety meeting of August 28th, there was unified agreement that speed, crosswalks, sidewalks, and traffic were issues that needed immediate improvements.   Traffic calming on that short Alameda section between the Y at Santa Cruz and Avy Ave was also discussed.  All these issues are fully documentented in the SAFE Santa Cruz/Almeda Safety Issues report.  


Restoring Oak Knoll Play Ground Access

A new School Gate page has been added to the website as a result of a request to voice opinions on the topic of  Access to Oak Knoll school grounds.  The new section contains information, comments, discussion and reference material.  

Other changes and content for the website will be coming, so check back every few days.

 Bike Safety -- About Sharrows

Sharrows:   Roadway sharrows have been installed on portions of Alameda and Santa Cruz:  What do they mean?   Why were they put there?  How should cyclists and motorists behave with sharrows?   Answers Here.

Review the results of our recent  Community Bike  Survey.


Annual Hall☢ween Pumpkin Carving & Parade

The neighborhood of southern University Park is having its Annual Neighborhood Hall☢ween Pumpkin Carving & Parade the weekend before Halloween.   Sunday the 28th is set for Pumpkin Carving, Apple Press,  and Parade.    Click here to find ways you can help.

If you want to help or bring something to the Pumpkin Carving and/or Parade, click here to let us know.

Friday Frolics - Sept 28th - POSTPONED

Hey UnivPark neighbors!
It’s that time again!! Back by popular demand!
Come meet and mingle with your awesome University Park neighbors at Friday Frolics!

Friday, September 28th, 2018    CANCELLED/POSTPONED

Location: Perry Avenue
Time: 5pm - until the last person goes home


Petitions for a Safer Santa Cruz Ave

The Almanac published an article about our recent Safet Petitions to make improvements to safety on Santa Cruz Ave to address the most dangerous features on this section of roadway.  The article provides some background as to the petition and the emense support from the community.  Article by Kate Bradshaw.